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The Mother's Garden

With Mother's Day approaching, consider donating to the fundraiser which will support the establishment of the Mother’s Garden!

Donations of any amount are welcome. Donors contributing $500 or more may allocate their donation to one or more specific items on the list.

  • $300 - ornamental grasses
  • $300 - perennials
  • $300 - groundcover
  • $500 - spring bulbs
  • $500 - small ornamental tree
  • $2000 - cost of bushes for a new hedge
  • $5000 - cost of a granite bench ***

*** The bench may be dedicated to the memory of your loved one with his/her name engraved on the granite.

Donate either on-line (use donate button on this page) or at the candle stand by:

  • Enclosing check or cash in a Donation Envelope and checking the box next to "Mother's Garden"
  • Getting a "Happy Mother's Day” greeting card and making a donation in her name . There is a $5.00 minimum donation per card, but donations are welcome in any amount.

We are in need of volunteers to plant the garden and the assist in sprucing up the church grounds. This is a great opportunity to learn how to properly plant a variety of plants, as well as prune trees and shrubs, or, to mentor others.

Volunteers, please register here: http://bit.ly/2ptpsj5

Please contact Olga Martins with all questions.

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