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Gift Card Fundraiser

In stock gift cards
In stock gift cards

Support the Accessibility & Expansion Project by purchasing gift cards for your weekly purchases instead of paying by cash, check or credit. Funds will be collected by selling commonly used store gift cards at face value, known as the Scrip Fundraising project.

The project works as follows:

Parishioners order gift cards for stores and restaurants they normally use and pay for the value of the card. The parish is able to purchase the cards at a discounted rate. The difference is profit for the church.

For example, if someone spends $100 a week at either Shaw's or Stop&Shop, they would buy a $100 gift card, and use it at the store as cash. In the process, that person would be making a $4 donation to the church. Over a year, that would be a $200 donation at no extra cost to the parishioner. Most families spend more than $100 a week on food, and other common stores give even higher percentages.

Currently, we have many popular cards on hand that can be purchased immediately, and are listed in the document on the left. You can visit the website to find out if giftcards are available for other businesses at which you frequently shop, and they can be ordered for you.   

Needless to say, if a sizable group of people participates regularly, tens of thousands of dollars could easily be raised annually without any direct cost to parishioners. If more money is collected than is needed for maintenance of the church house, the remaining funds will be used towards developing plans for a new parish hall.

Remember to treat the cards as cash, and get only what you would normally spend for your purchases. Click on the form to view, print or to share with your friends. 

See Matushka Svetlana, Elena Lanina, Rdr. Ilia Jarostchuk or Fr. Victor with any questions.

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