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Decorate a Kulich for Easter

When: Palm Sunday, Apr. 9, 12:30pm
Where: In the Church House, 961 South Street
Cost: $25 for 1 child, $20/child for 2+ siblings
Payment types, contacts, class description

Pre-Pascha Bake Sale

Palm Sunday, April 9, after liturgy.  Information will be posted shortly.

Gift Card Fundraiser

Support the Accessibility & Expansion Project by purchasing gift cards for your weekly purchases.

Donating Stocks Instead of Cash

Here is a document describing the general process for donating stock.

Easter cards are here!

Holy Epiphany Parish announces the availability of Easter cards, with all funds raised going to the completion of the church expansion project.


Humanitarian Assistance July 2015

July 2015: Financial update & letter from Fr. Ilya.

Humanitarian Assistance for the Donbas Region

February, 2015: We received a letter from Fr. Ilia Kobzar, a priest serving in war torn Donetsk, for whom our parish is collecting funds for humanitarian assistance in the Donbas region.  The Donbas/Donetsk region is a humanitarian catastrophe. Children and the elderly should have a right to food and medicine.

Humanitarian Assistance March 2015

Parish donations were sent to Ukraine.  (photos included)



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